About us

Jigsaw Developmental Services was founded in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, with two primary goals:

  • To provide the highest quality ABA services for families striving to support their child in maximizing their potential.
  • To attract and retain highly capable BCBAs and Behavior Technicians that understand the importance of their role in helping each child to develop strengths and overcome challenges.

Jigsaw’s experienced team is comprised of empathetic professionals who focus on meeting a family where they’re at. No single child diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disorders are the same, so establishing relationships with families is central to Jigsaw’s approach. This collaboration provides understanding and perspective that is invaluable in delivering high quality ABA services for our clients.

Jigsaw is a locally owned and managed organization that prioritizes quality service delivery, placing our number one focus on helping children to maximize their potential.

Learn more about Jigsaw’s leadership team here.

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