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Melissa Anderson
Melissa Anderson, BCBA, LBA
Clinical Supervisor & Client Advocate

Melissa Anderson is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in the state of Arizona. Melissa has an undergraduate degree in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Dayton and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Northeastern Illinois University, where she also taught Graduate courses for the School of Education. Melissa has been in the field of autism and applied behavior analysis for 20 years. Melissa began her career working as a multi needs teacher for a special education cooperative in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. There, she realized her passion for working with kids with ASD. She moved roles within her organization and worked as a behavioral consultant for children, staff and families in over 16 different school districts. Melissa began her coursework in Behavior Analysis, eventually obtaining her board certification. Melissa has been in the Phoenix area for the past 5 years, working to support clients, families and schools in the area of applied behavior analysis. Melissa uses a combination of techniques, such as verbal behavior, natural environment teaching, and discrete trial to meet the needs of her clients. Melissa provides direct training to families, therapists and community members to help clients generalize their skills and promote independence. Melissa has a passion for working with children and families to create positive change in the home and community.

Brett Bernstein
Founder & CEO

Brett earned Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business Administration in Finance and Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. After consulting for IBM and PeopleSoft Corporation, Brett founded Helio Group, an information technology consulting practice that served Fortune 500 customers. Brett’s endeavors continued with the founding and development of a clinical research informatics software business supporting NIH funded clinical research studies. Brett founded an Arizona-based nonprofit called MORIAH Cooperative that supports children with varying special needs.  Brett serves on the Board of New Way Academy, served as a Board and Executive Committee member of Pardes Jewish Day School, and currently serves as a member of the United Healthcare Community Plan Governance and Member Advocacy Committees. Brett and his wife have two wonderful boys who live in Phoenix, Arizona.  After personally experiencing the world of Autism, Brett’s life work focuses every day on assisting families in support of their children.

Beth Carrasco

Sara “Beth” Carrasco, BCBA, LBA
Clinical Director

Beth is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities since 2012. Beth holds a Masters of education from the University of Massachusetts and is passionate about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Beth takes a holistic approach, supporting children and their families by recognizing each individual’s strengths, and incorporating various targeted strategies with a focus on maximizing each child’s motivation. Beth has experience working with children ages 2-21 in settings including school, home and community based instruction. Beth’s leadership started with Jigsaw in 2016 when her and her family relocated to Arizona from the Washington, D.C metro area. Beth strives to make meaningful changes and improvements in the quality of life for each family she serves.

Tania Depetro

Tania Depetro, RBT
Assistant Clinical Supervisor

Tania is a Registered Behavior Technician and has worked in the ABA field in home settings since 2016. In addition, she has over six years of experience working in multiple school settings, including private and public schools, as a paraprofessional and worked with various children with developmental disabilities. Tania graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has begun pursuing her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from ASU. She currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and three boys.

Leah Fairweather
Leah Fairweather, BCBA, LBA Clinical Supervisor & Client Advocate

Leah Fairweather is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of Arizona. With 15 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Leah is passionate about working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to improve their quality of life. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior from the University of Washington and Master of Arts in Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. Leah has taught in an inclusive classroom and has provided ABA services in homes, clinics, schools and community settings with children from ages two to adolescence. Using the principles of ABA, Leah develops individualized goals and treatment plans based upon the unique needs and interests of each child. Leah understands the value of collaborating with families and other professionals to ensure the quality of care for her clients. Leah resides in Gilbert with her husband and four children.

Angela Hepworth

Angela Hepworth, BCBA, LBA
Staff & Clinical Development Director

Angela is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as well as a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in the state of Arizona. Angela holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human and Family Development from Arizona State University and a Master’s Degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Capella University. Angela continues her work at Jigsaw Developmental Services since its inception in 2016. Prior to working in the field of ABA, Angela worked with children and families in various settings since 2000. Angela believes in the importance of making ABA therapy an enjoyable experience for the children and young adults that she works with, as well as tailoring each treatment plan to best serve the unique needs of each individual client. Angela is passionate about improving the lives of the children and families she serves using the principles of ABA. Angela lives in Gilbert and in her free time enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 children and 2 small dogs.

Jake Neufeld

Jake Neufeld, PhD, BCBA, LBA
Clinical Supervisor & Client Advocate

Jake is Board Certified Behavior Analyst in the state of Arizona. He has experience working with neurodiverse children, adolescents, and young adults in home, clinic, school, and community settings since 2012. He holds a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis (ABA) from Arizona State University and is currently completing his doctorate in ABA at the University of Galway. His research focuses on teaching children key skills relevant to complex language and cognition. Jake uses an equitable and person-centered approach to services. He prioritizes active collaboration with the individuals he supports and strives to be attentive to each family’s unique context. Jake is passionate about connecting with clients to envision the life they want to live and supporting them in pursuit of their own goals. Jake resides in Phoenix with his wife, and in his free time enjoys music, photography, and outdoor activities.

Zoie Scott

Zoie Scott, RBT
Assistant Clinical Supervisor

Zoie is a Registered Behavior Technician and has been within the field of applied behavior analysis since 2017. Zoie is a well-rounded RBT who constantly engages and encourages her clients. In addition to providing direct services as an RBT, Zoie is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Arizona State University. From Las Cruces New Mexico, Zoie graduated from New Mexico State University with her Bachelors in Psychology. She currently resides in Phoenix with her two huskies, Kota and Zulu. 

Colleen Weidner

Colleen Weidner, BCBA, LBA
Clinical Supervisor & Client Advocate

Colleen Weidner is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has been working in the field of ABA since 2019. She began her work as a Registered Behavior Technician in Illinois and relocated to Arizona to continue her journey towards obtaining her BCBA and LBA credentials. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. She has experience working in a variety of settings ranging from clinic, in home, and in schools, for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities as young as 18 months of age. She is a compassionate clinician who has a passion for crafting individualized treatment plans that allow for both growth and the fostering of meaningful connections. She strives to help each child grow to their fullest potential and improve their quality of life, while maintaining their individuality. She currently resides in Surprise, Arizona and enjoys spending time with her family and French Bulldog.

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